Caesar Salad


Usually the amount of salad you would make with this recipe is dictated by how many people you are serving. However, if you are preparing this for only yourself, I would recommend that you wash the entire head of lettuce but only prepare what you will eat at one sitting and keep the remainder of the lettuce not prepared as a salad. The lettuce will keep better and longer just as lettuce without the dressing.


1 head romaine lettuce
Caesar dressing
Bacon bits
Parmesan cheese
Lemon slices


Wash the lettuce and dry it, preferably with a spinner
Cut the lettuce with a knife or tear it apart by hand. If you are saving the lettuce for another time, it will keep better if you tear it.
Add bacon bits, parmesan cheese and croutons
Add dressing to taste
Serve with a lemon slice

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