Garden Salad


There is no one right way to make a garden salad, as opposed to a Caesar salad which is usually done the same way wherever you go. Garden salads are usually made with iceberg lettuce, but even then, they could be made with another lettuce or more than one type of lettuce. For the sake of a recipe, I will put down how I make a garden salad.


1 head iceberg lettuce
4 – 6 hard boiled eggs
1 tomato or cherry tomatoes
½ cucumber
6 – 8 radishes
½ red onion
1 green pepper
1 red pepper


Boil the eggs – you’ll know they’re done when you take one out with a spoon and the water on the egg evaporates quickly – if the water evaporates slowly, they’re not done

While the eggs are boiling, wash the lettuce and dry it, preferably with a spinner

Cut the lettuce with a knife or tear it apart by hand. If you are saving the lettuce for another time, it will keep better if you tear it.

Wash all the other ingredients carefully. When the eggs are done, drain the hot water, place them under some cold water for a minute, and put them in the fridge to cool.

Core the tomatoes. Cut the ends off the radishes. Peel the cucumbers if you want – I prefer to leave the peels on the cucumber. Take out the innards and the tops of the peppers. Peel the onion and save ½ for another meal. Compost all the cuttings.

Cut the vegetables to your preference.

Put the lettuce in a large salad bowl or the largest mixing bowl you have. Add the veg as you cut each one. Toss (mix) the salad with two large spoons just before serving.

Peel the eggs. A little trick to do this is that there is a thin “skin” under the shell, and if you can get hold of that skin, the shattered shell will come right off.

Decorate your salad with the eggs cut lengthwise into ¼’s.

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