BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich)


Some people put salt and pepper on a BLT. However, I find that most bacon is salty enough in itself and I don’t think a BLT really needs more salt added.


3 slices cooked bacon per sandwich
3 – 4 thin slices tomato per sandwich
2 -3 leaves washed lettuce per sandwich
2 slices bread, toasted, white or whole wheat or whatever you prefer
Butter or margarine
Mayonnaise to taste
Sat and pepper to taste


Cook the bacon at medium high heat, turning it often with tongs
Remove grease and pat bacon with paper towel
Toast bread to your preference
Spread toast with butter or margarine
Place 3 strips of bacon on one toast
Add the tomato slices on the bacon
Add the lettuce
Spread mayonnaise and salt and pepper to taste on the 2nd toast
Place 2nd toast, mayonnaise down, on the lettuce etc.
Cut diagonally and serve with a pickle and/or olives

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